Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I want to thank everyone who has helped us support SFCV.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate your prayers and your financial support.  I also wanted to make sure that everyone understands my heart.  While I wish it was everyone's passion to care for the orphan, I know that's not the case.  I feel called and honored to be able to advocate and fundraise for the orphan.  Please know that as I put these opportunities out there to pray for and support the orphan, I have no expectations.  If you choose to financially support these opportunities, it needs to be between you and God, not just because I am asking.  Of course, prayer support is a priority and something that everyone can do.  We would appreciate you adding orphans and specifically SFCV to your prayer list.

Ok, having gotten that out of the way, I want to reshare a few ways you can help orphans and/or SFCV.  (There are many other wonderful organizations out there to support, we choose to focus on SFCV because they cared for our Grace for over 2 years before she joined our family and we believe in what they are doing.)

Here's a couple of ways I have set up to raise money for SFCV:
1. Currently I'm selling Faith, Hope, and Love pendants and God is Love pendants, both with 16" chains.  Soon I'll have a SFCV coffee table book to sell.
2.  I have a JustLoveCoffee store set up to benefit SFCV.  Just click through the link here and SFCV makes a portion of each sale!
3.  Looking for some good books?  Check out BarefootBooks and purchase some great books!  A portion of each sale goes toward SFCV.
4. Vision Forum has some AWESOME books, toys, videos, and audios on raising a godly family!
5. and VERY importantly--you can SPONSOR a child at SFCV!!  For $35/month, you can sponsor a child.  You will receive updates and photos about your sponsor child.  You can send small care packages.  And you get the privilege of praying for a specific orphan, knowing that you are actually helping to care for this precious child.

We are also praying that in late 2011/early 2012 we may be blessed with adopting another precious daughter.  I have a few other sites set up to add to our TingTing fund, bringing another orphan into a family.
1. My Amazon store has books and such set up, just make a purchase through my store and a portion goes into our TingTing fund.
2.  Join us for the Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2011!  50% of the ticket price will go toward our adoption fund and I know that you will be blessed by the wonderful speakers, encouraged, uplifted, and also challenged in your walk as mom and homeschool parent!
3. And of course I am still making some bath and body goodies to sell on the side--lotion bars, soap, lip balm, oil face cleansing mixes...and I'm learning how to make more as I go.

Feel free to pass this post on to others who might be interested in supporting the orphan!

Thank you and may God shower you with His blessings!

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Wolfe's Home said...

Charlene, your passion for the orphan is exactly where God wants our hearts to be, so carry on, no apologies necessary!