Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Oops, I meant to post this weeks ago.  Our sweet friend Julie came down with her four children.  Our Shaoey and their Caroline were adopted into our families at the same moment.  Our families are forever joined at the heart to have shared that moment in time...

Not a whole lot of text today, mainly pictures.  The kids played, played, played! 

Prejean's Restaurant--it's one of those places every tourist has to go to!

Caleb eating a frog leg!

Julie was quite the sport and ate alligator and a frog leg!

They got to visit our house at the river.  Unfortunately the "beach" at the point was under water for the time being.

The next handful are from our trip to New Orleans.  We took them to the Insectarium.  If you're ever in N.O., this is a cool and different place to go.  Don't forget to stop at the Cafe in the back where you can sample things like cricket cookies, waxworm mango salsa, and other yummy insects...LOL

Caroline really (honestly) enjoyed her cricket cookie!  

In true Reeve fashion, Caleb looked....


and ate waxworm salsa on a cracker!  Way to go!

We ate dinner at Bubba Gumps and the food was great!  Loved the signs:

If you needed something, you turned the sign to stop and one of the waitstaff would help you.

Cute way to serve a kids meal--in a boat!

And my boys wanted me to take a picture of this:
(click on the photo to enlarge and read the sign.)

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