Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kittens, crawfish, kitchens, and more

Here's our week in pictures:

Oh my, the kittens are just too adorable!  They climb and wrestle and play.  Who can resist kitten pics??Going to pick up the third one today.

We seem to be having crawfish quite a bit this year.  We had them when my friend Julie was here, we had them Friday (these pictures), and we had them again last night.  I actually think I'm getting crawfished out, if that's possible.

I accidentally painted the kitchen in flat paint a couple of years ago.  I still don't know where that can of flat paint in that color came from, but the kitchen was in DIRE need of being painted.  I decided to change it up a bit.  I painted the far wall of the keeping room with magnetic paint and chalkboard paint, so we now have a whole wall that is a magnetic chalkboard!  The kids think it's cool, I like having a place to hang artwork easily.  Granted the magnetic part isn't super heavy duty, but it works to hang up regular artwork.

and more...Here's my garden.  I planted it about 3 weeks ago.  So far this is what's come up:   The top 2 on the far right are pole beans, under them is a tomato plant.  The second column from the right has marigolds and a small lettuce plant at the very front.  The third column from the right has cucumbers.  The farthest left column has green onions and carrots, but you can't see the sprouts much in the photo.  I have high hopes for my garden!  Maybe I'll finally have success in gardening!

This is Jacob's garden.  He planted about 2 weeks before me.  The two big growing boxes are cucumber.  He has several lettuce squares on the second row up and the first row is carrots.  

 And lastly, we've had a cute visitor in our yard this week.  I pray he stays around.  We'd love to have rabbits running around the yard!

Have a great week!

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