Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SFCV Spring Fundraiser

Mother's Day fundraiser

It's time to start thinking about what to give our moms this Mother's Day as a token of our love.  What do we get for the mom who gave her all to us?  How about making a donation in her honor to SFCV!  What better way to honor the one you love than to help children without a mother's love and care.  

These two were once without a mom to care for them and love them.  They were without a mom to kiss their owies and to wrap her arms around them and hug them and tell them it would be ok.  



During that time, each child has ayis (nannies) to take care of them.   We don't have any pictures of Shaoey with an ayi, but we are very blessed with this special photo:
It is of Grace and Song Ayi.  Song Ayi  was one of Grace's main ayis.  Grace had to move from one SFCV house to another before we could travel.  Song Ayi  was able to move over with her.  She took care of Grace from her early days at SFCV

While waiting for a family, the ayis do the best they can to care for them and love them.  We are very blessed that Grace was at SFCV where they strive to give each child a semblance of a family life.  The ratio of children to ayis is kept to about 4 or 5 per ayi versus 10, 15, or more children to one ayi in a traditional orphanage.  This of course does mean more staff, which means more funds are needed to operate, but what a gift to the children.  SFCV is funded through donations and sponsorships.  Which leads me to..............

I am excited to debut our newest fundraiser!

 We have 2 AWESOME silver pendants to offer.  Shaoey (left) is wearing the Faith, Hope, and Love (in Chinese) pendant; while Grace (right) is wearing the God is Love pendant (also in Chinese).   

Faith, Hope, and Love

God is Love

For a donation of $35, we will send you the pendant of your choosing on a silver chain.   There will also be a small certificate letting the recipient know that a donation to SFCV has been made in their honor.  Another family has been working on some very unique envelopes for me to ship them in.  I know you're going to enjoy them!  (Chain one is more rope style, adjustable length from 16"-18".  Chain two is a slender box style, 16" length)

If you feel led to do more, please consider sponsoring a child.  For $35 a month, you can sponsor a child.  You will have the privilege of helping support your sponsor child and being able to pray for him/her.  You will get quarterly updates and photos.  You can even send small care packages for holidays and birthdays.  You get the chance to be a blessing in their lives.  

You can email me at troyandcharlene93@yahoo.com to make a donation or with any questions about SFCV.

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