Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I want to thank everyone who has helped us support SFCV.  Words cannot express how much we appreciate your prayers and your financial support.  I also wanted to make sure that everyone understands my heart.  While I wish it was everyone's passion to care for the orphan, I know that's not the case.  I feel called and honored to be able to advocate and fundraise for the orphan.  Please know that as I put these opportunities out there to pray for and support the orphan, I have no expectations.  If you choose to financially support these opportunities, it needs to be between you and God, not just because I am asking.  Of course, prayer support is a priority and something that everyone can do.  We would appreciate you adding orphans and specifically SFCV to your prayer list.

Ok, having gotten that out of the way, I want to reshare a few ways you can help orphans and/or SFCV.  (There are many other wonderful organizations out there to support, we choose to focus on SFCV because they cared for our Grace for over 2 years before she joined our family and we believe in what they are doing.)

Here's a couple of ways I have set up to raise money for SFCV:
1. Currently I'm selling Faith, Hope, and Love pendants and God is Love pendants, both with 16" chains.  Soon I'll have a SFCV coffee table book to sell.
2.  I have a JustLoveCoffee store set up to benefit SFCV.  Just click through the link here and SFCV makes a portion of each sale!
3.  Looking for some good books?  Check out BarefootBooks and purchase some great books!  A portion of each sale goes toward SFCV.
4. Vision Forum has some AWESOME books, toys, videos, and audios on raising a godly family!
5. and VERY importantly--you can SPONSOR a child at SFCV!!  For $35/month, you can sponsor a child.  You will receive updates and photos about your sponsor child.  You can send small care packages.  And you get the privilege of praying for a specific orphan, knowing that you are actually helping to care for this precious child.

We are also praying that in late 2011/early 2012 we may be blessed with adopting another precious daughter.  I have a few other sites set up to add to our TingTing fund, bringing another orphan into a family.
1. My Amazon store has books and such set up, just make a purchase through my store and a portion goes into our TingTing fund.
2.  Join us for the Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2011!  50% of the ticket price will go toward our adoption fund and I know that you will be blessed by the wonderful speakers, encouraged, uplifted, and also challenged in your walk as mom and homeschool parent!
3. And of course I am still making some bath and body goodies to sell on the side--lotion bars, soap, lip balm, oil face cleansing mixes...and I'm learning how to make more as I go.

Feel free to pass this post on to others who might be interested in supporting the orphan!

Thank you and may God shower you with His blessings!


Oops, I meant to post this weeks ago.  Our sweet friend Julie came down with her four children.  Our Shaoey and their Caroline were adopted into our families at the same moment.  Our families are forever joined at the heart to have shared that moment in time...

Not a whole lot of text today, mainly pictures.  The kids played, played, played! 

Prejean's Restaurant--it's one of those places every tourist has to go to!

Caleb eating a frog leg!

Julie was quite the sport and ate alligator and a frog leg!

They got to visit our house at the river.  Unfortunately the "beach" at the point was under water for the time being.

The next handful are from our trip to New Orleans.  We took them to the Insectarium.  If you're ever in N.O., this is a cool and different place to go.  Don't forget to stop at the Cafe in the back where you can sample things like cricket cookies, waxworm mango salsa, and other yummy insects...LOL

Caroline really (honestly) enjoyed her cricket cookie!  

In true Reeve fashion, Caleb looked....


and ate waxworm salsa on a cracker!  Way to go!

We ate dinner at Bubba Gumps and the food was great!  Loved the signs:

If you needed something, you turned the sign to stop and one of the waitstaff would help you.

Cute way to serve a kids meal--in a boat!

And my boys wanted me to take a picture of this:
(click on the photo to enlarge and read the sign.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kittens, crawfish, kitchens, and more

Here's our week in pictures:

Oh my, the kittens are just too adorable!  They climb and wrestle and play.  Who can resist kitten pics??Going to pick up the third one today.

We seem to be having crawfish quite a bit this year.  We had them when my friend Julie was here, we had them Friday (these pictures), and we had them again last night.  I actually think I'm getting crawfished out, if that's possible.

I accidentally painted the kitchen in flat paint a couple of years ago.  I still don't know where that can of flat paint in that color came from, but the kitchen was in DIRE need of being painted.  I decided to change it up a bit.  I painted the far wall of the keeping room with magnetic paint and chalkboard paint, so we now have a whole wall that is a magnetic chalkboard!  The kids think it's cool, I like having a place to hang artwork easily.  Granted the magnetic part isn't super heavy duty, but it works to hang up regular artwork.

and more...Here's my garden.  I planted it about 3 weeks ago.  So far this is what's come up:   The top 2 on the far right are pole beans, under them is a tomato plant.  The second column from the right has marigolds and a small lettuce plant at the very front.  The third column from the right has cucumbers.  The farthest left column has green onions and carrots, but you can't see the sprouts much in the photo.  I have high hopes for my garden!  Maybe I'll finally have success in gardening!

This is Jacob's garden.  He planted about 2 weeks before me.  The two big growing boxes are cucumber.  He has several lettuce squares on the second row up and the first row is carrots.  

 And lastly, we've had a cute visitor in our yard this week.  I pray he stays around.  We'd love to have rabbits running around the yard!

Have a great week!