Monday, March 8, 2010

Why the deep seated hatred toward home schoolers?

Why is there such hatred toward home schoolers? News articles come out and I always make the mistake of reading the comment section...I come away from them so nauseous and sickened by the view that these people have of parents who choose to be their child's teacher.

Comments like these:
*indoctrinated into the moronic culture of their parents
*They`ll go to colleges for likeminded home schooled kids and then end up working behind the fast food counters or as missionaries.
*As an educator of 30 years, the very notion of "homeschooling," for any reason or persuasion, is an insult to actual education, enlightenment, knowledge, curiosity, modernism, and intellect.
*This 'playing school' is really getting ridiculous; the kids are not being educated, and they are socially and emotionally retarded, on top of it.
*Parents, the home-schooler's "teacher", should not be allowed by law to teach anything unless they have an accredited Masters in one of the sciences. Failing that, they simply have a captive audience for their agendaed, dogmatic indoctrination. Or a shopping partner, or free domestic help. It's really pathetic.

First off, what difference does it make if we choose to home school OUR children? How does this affect these people? If they choose to send their children to a traditional school, I don't tell them that they "moronic" for sending their children to a style of school that was created for the purpose of creating laborers for the good of the county (not the child)...that is THEIR decision.

Yet, so many non home schoolers have such strong opinions about what a disservice we're doing to our children.... Have they even researched it? Have they seen how WELL adjusted most homeschoolers are? They are well mannered and able to carry on conversations with people of all ages and not just their age (which by the way, I really don't want my boys closed up with a group of boys just their age all day--that's stimulating learning, isn't it?). They are courteous, helpful, gentle and loving with their sisters...something that seems to be lacking in other circles (by my boys own admission! My oldest thanked me for homeschooling him. He said it wasn't cool with the kids at school to love their brothers and sisters--how sad.) My boys are very bright, well rounded, well read, educated young men. They aren't boys, they are men-in-training.

Are these people feeling convicted? Maybe deep down they realize they know that children belong at home with their families, but because they have bought into what the world says is the right way to do things, they are afraid to be different and are scared of those who choose to hold to God's truths? I don't know... I don't have any answers. I just needed to vent over this.

Thankfully, as far as I know (LOL), my non homeschooling friends seem supportive, well...atleast not vocally against us. There are times it is a lonely road. Our lives have taken such a drastic turn from where we were 6 years ago. It harder at times to hang out with friends, but I'm sure that's just as much from my side of it as theirs. Different things occupy my days now.

Oh, and by the way, do you want to know what precipitated those ugly comments above? An MSNBC poll asking "Is it OK for home-school textbooks to dismiss the theory of evolution?" That's it... Because some homeschoolers choose to not teach the theory of evolution as the Truth. For this, we are "moronic and socially and emotionally retarded?" Because we believe in the one God who created us all.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.--Romans 12:2


Ladyblog said...

I'm not a homeschooling mom....... BUT, I look up to those of you who are brave enough to do it! I have been a teacher and I am certain kids would learn more in a home environment. I think there are those who give homeschool a bad name though. I had a gf who fit the mold, who eventually put her kids back in public school and they were behind. I think she was the exception though. So, I say good for you!

Jocelyn-Chris said...

I hear you. We definitely go against the flow, but I'd still much rather do what's best for my family and not what the rest of the world thinks is best for my family. With His guidance and grace I will keep following His will for MY family.

Mandie said...

I commend you on home schooling your children. I wish that it would be an option for us but for now it doesn't look to be. Good for you and good for your kids that you stick to what you know is best for your family. Bless you!

Kayluray said...

I am a former public school teacher who now homeschools.
I think the 30 year educator answered your questions. They feel insulted that we could do just as good of a job or better without all the teacher training. Public schools spend lots of time and money training their teachers. If we are doing it without all that, they look like fools. I could go on with this topic, but I will stop now before I get too excited.

Keri said...

This is still America isn't it? I saw the article. The whole article was ridiculous.

Caroline said...

Hi! (We were in the awaa group just after you in '06.) We home schooled our older bio daughters for seven years, even high school(!). Though I can't say it was easy we persevered. Sometimes I felt almost embarrassed in front of the "professional" educators that I knew who were not sympathetic to "our little experiment" as they thought it. Almost all of my family were teachers, several in very prestigious, universities. Most of the anger they feel is directed at us b/c we are Christians with strong convictions that we are willing to act upon. It is threatening to them and all they build their lives upon....and they feel rejected. It is easier to call Christian home- schoolers foolish and stupid than to rethink and possibly surrender one's world view with its subsequent actions... If what we believe is true...they would be - gasp- sinners- who would need to repent and do things differently and that is more than some can bear.
And yes, truth be told, sometimes we don't always do the best in one subject or another- but I've heard of many failing public schools as well. My big girls weren't lacking when they got to college. All have done or are currently doing well. My 17 year old will have her associates degree in May and is an A student. Don't be discouraged!

. said...

homeschooled up until this year. now public school. I can say there are pros/cons for both. For my kids with learning disabilities, they were MUCH better off at home. For social reasons, some of mine are better off at school (depends on the teacher though). I think of it as an interesting experiment, knowing I can pull them at any moment.

But yes, even WITH a degree in teaching and a PhD, we got criticism. So go figure. They're not against our credentials, but the idea as a whole.

Go with what works for YOUR family!
Beth Gore

Charlene said...

Thanks for all the comments!

I love that we have the freedom to homeschool or traditional school, or a mix of both as we feel God's leading and make decisions that are best for OUR family at that time! I pray that we continue to have that freedom. I am concerned that with these strong feelings against home schoolers that those freedoms could very easily be stripped away if we are not vigilant.

I agree with all the comments that we may make others uncomfortable b/c we CAN do as good or better job with less than "professional educators." said as a previous "prof. educator" myself! I also have to laugh at the notion of teachers being so all powerful and all knowing--omw, many of the teachers I taught with should NOT have been there!

Amen, Caroline! I think some are hearing the call but don't want to so it's easier to put us down than to change...

Keri, come on...America? Are you sure? Just look at the health care debacle--it's not looking like America anymore when government can ramrod things through without a vote that it's citizens don't want! (Keri and I are good friends and have a lot of politcal views in common!)