Saturday, March 13, 2010

Internationally Adopted Child Immunization Waiver or exemption Petition

How would you feel if you were told your child was required to have 6-8 vaccines in ONE day? Can you imagine the overload to a young child's system?

This is happening to children adopted from China and other countries. It use to be that adoptive parents (AP) had to sign an affidavit promising to have their newly adopted children vaccinated when they got back to the states. Last year it was changed and children being adopted from Hague Convention Countries (China being one of them) and coming to America now MUST have their vaccines up to date BEFORE being granted their US visa to come home... For some this could mean up to 7 or 8 shots AT ONE TIME! This is NOT safe. Many of these children are already coming from less than optimal conditions and therefore their health may already be compromised. Some have special needs where having the shots (or so many at once and not spread out) could cause severe damage. Several children have been harmed by this already-- spiking extremely high fevers (104+) and becoming quite sick. One family just this month ended up having to have their daughter's visa rushed through to get her back to the US for medical care...

The State Department has even admitted that this was an unintentional act. It came from a term being added (Convention adoptee) with the Hague Convention and having unexpected repercussions... Children coming from non Hague Convention countries are exempt (they are referred to as orphans).

PLEASE take a moment to sign this petition to . You do NOT have to be an AP to sign it! Anyone can sign it and it only takes a moment.

Internationally Adopted Child Immunization Waiver or exemption Petition

Thank you!

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