Monday, March 1, 2010

Longhorn Caverns

We took a trip to Marble Falls, TX this week.  My husband's cousin Ryan (who owns Brothers Bakery & Cafe) got married.  Ryan and Rachel had a BEAUTIFUL wedding ceremony at Spicewood Vineyards.  The vows were so sweet and loving and the bride and groom were radiant.  We also had the chance to visit with many relatives while we were there.

And you know me--if we're traveling, mama's going to find a cool field trip to fit in!  This trip we hit the Longhorn Caverns.  We tend to like caves/caverns...and this one didn't disappoint!  It had great history to it.  It was also the first one we had been to that was formed mainly from fast moving water/whirlpools!  Very different from the other caves we've visited.  Here's some pictures from our time there--

Sam Bass entrance

Surrounded by quartz

Queen's chair--during prohibition, this use to be an illegal nightclub. 
Men would pose with their ladies to take pictures here!

 A pipistrelle bat--these bats hibernate!  We were only inches from it--it was soooo cute!

This feature appeared numerous times in the caverns.  It is formed from whirlpools draining rapidly.

Doesn't it feel like you're in an upside down desert?

Eagle's wing

A BIG highlight of our trip was that we got to spend time with the Bakers!  Tim and Pam are founders and head of SFCV which is where our Grace lived for 2 years!  

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Jocelyn-Chris said...

What a great trip! So glad you got to spend time with the Bakers.