Monday, March 22, 2010

A Pregnancy Center & Clinic Walk for Life

Our family is doing the Walk for Life on April 10, 2010.   We love what APCC is all about--APCC promotes LIFE!  They have had wonderful success with their ultrasound program.  Moms get to see that there is a LIFE growing inside of them, not just a piece of tissue!  They also help support the mom once she makes the decision honoring LIFE and God.  

Here's a little info about the Center:

A Pregnancy Center and Clinic is a 501(c)3 non-profit medical clinic.  "Saving babies and mommies from abortion" has been the mission statement since it's founding in 1985.  
We offer all of the following services free of charge:

     *Pregnancy testing and ultrasounds
     *Confidential counseling on all pregnancy options
     *Education on birth control and sexually transmitted diseases
     *Referrals to maternity homes and/or adoption services
     *Maternity and infant clothing, baby beds, car seats, formula, diapers, baby wipes, etc.
     *Alcohol and drug counseling

Check out APCC's Facebook album to see Babies Saved in 2009!

And how about these cuties who's birthmoms chose LIFE:

I'm so thankful they did!

Please help us to support them by making a donation to APCC (by sponsoring us to walk).             Join with us in taking a stand for LIFE. 

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