Sunday, January 3, 2010

Latest bracelets to benefit SFCV

I received a few more bracelets yesterday.  I went ahead (with the help of my sweet models Shaoey and Grace) and took pictures of all I have left.  

Picture 1 (I have 2 butterflies and several of #4)

Picture 2 (I have about 5 of #2)

Picture 3

Picture 4 (2 of #1, 3 of #2, 3 of #5)

Picture 5

Picture 6 (too cute to put with the others--the only turtle bracelet I received!)

And this, this my friends, is one of the many children helped by SFCV/PHF through donations and sponsorships:
our very own sweet Gracie!

While selling the bracelets has been an amazing fundraiser and the funds will REALLY help the children, we really wanted to raise awareness of the children at SFCV.  SFCV runs on sponsorships and donations.  At this time of year, many people cut back on their giving to have money for other things... But the children are still there, the ayis (nannies) who love on and care for the children are still there, some still need surgeries, they still have NEEDS.  PLEASE consider making a donation or sponsoring a child.  For $35 a month, you will be one of 10 sponsors needed PER child.  You receive quarterly updates and pictures of the child you sponsor.   Please hop over to their site to see the children living at SFCV.  

p.s.  If you're needing a calendar for the new year, SFCV is also selling calendars with the children's pictures....  :-)

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