Sunday, January 16, 2011

Could you be this young man's family?

Liyuan is 13 years old and is running out of time to find a family.  

 Liyuan was born on Dec. 1997.  His mother left home when he was little and her whereabouts are unknown. His father died of illness in August 2007 and that's when he came to the orphanage.  When he came in, he was depressed and rebellious because of the changes of environment and his father’s death. He didn't listen to others’ advice. Later under the loving care and concerns of all of the staff in this orphanage, he slowly became outgoing, can greet people around him proactively, help caretakers look after crying children, help elders in the institute sweep the floor, and carry water etc. The institute applied in September 2007 to declare that his mother was dead. People’s Court judged to declare his mother’s death in December 2007. Because Liyuan’s parents all died and he has no direct relatives in his family, he became an orphan. 

This institute knows from the residents’ committee of the birthplace of Liyuan that the he is a hardworking and kind-hearted child at home, can help family members do farm work that he can do, and gets along well with neighbors. He began to study in preschool class at the age of 6 years and is a pupil who loves studying lessons and doing labor work. Normally in class he engages in difficult and dirty tasks actively and can finish them successfully. In the beginning due to his different dialect, he had academic difficulties, but now he has good academic results and is praised by teachers and classmates.  He is currently enrolled in Grade 5. Usually he rides a bike to go to school and comes home from school by himself, has great independence, usually has meals alone, takes a bath, and washes clothes alone. At school, he can listen to lessons attentively and seriously, gets along well with classmates, but in the beginning because of his different dialect, his academic results can not become good. Usually after class he plays games with other classmates, joins in some small outdoor activities. Now he has become more and more outgoing and active.

Liyuan honestly doesn't have much time.  When a child reaches the age of 14, they are no longer considered adoptable.  They either go into the adult portion of the welfare institute (think nursing home with no hope) or they are put out on the streets to beg and work in any way they can to support themselves.  

Please pray about it.  Could you be his family, his hope for a future?  Time is running out.

Contact Xiaoqing with BAAS at for more information.

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