Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As I emerge from the battle...

I feel victorious over the kitchen!  I thought you might appreciate some before and after pictures.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures before we unloaded the island, but I think you can imagine what it looked like with every thing in the chairs, on the floor, and on the island INSIDE the island!  FULL and stuff falling out every time we opened cabinets!


This one wasn't too bad on the top, just the bottom had bottles falling out every time we opened it!

All this and more was under the island!!  (I had 2 wonderfully silly helpers.)

All this--25 coffee mugs, 2 sake sets, travel mugs, coffee, tea mugs and accessories, and 2 escargot plates (don't ask...we've used them once in 15 years and I don't eat them!)....

Came from this small corner cabinet!

One of my favorite kitchen places now--all my measuring spoons in one place, all the many chopsticks in one basket, AND only the items I ACTUALLY use--novel idea!

(Above and below back up to each other.)

 (The above and below back up to each other.)

And my 2 helpers going strong.  What hams!
Tomorrow I think I'll tackle the sunroom (where we actually spend most of our day).

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Samantha said...

I wish I had a kitchen that size! I am tacking that on Monday. Our cabinets are pretty organized...I'm a n organizer, but they do have lots in them we don't use! I love the stacking bin idea-where did you get those? We could really use them in our small kitchen!