Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

What an amazing Christmas!  The kids are all at a fun age.  We were able to spend time making presents for friends, building gingerbread houses, visiting friends... We did our traditional Christmas Eve chicken and sausage gumbo with Troy's family.  Then Christmas day we read Luke 2 and opened presents, then we visited his parents for lunch.  We had a wonderfully quiet and peaceful day.  (compare to Christmas 2009--my have they grown!)

The grandkids then and now:

To get the fun of this picture, you need to look in the bottom right...that would be a pokey arm!

Granddad and girls

 Dad had to try out the boys Christmas present a few days before...had to make sure it works, right?

My handsome husband...still makes my heart smile and gives me goosebumps!

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Dawn said...

LOVE the updated pictures!!! The boys look especially more "grown up" to me.... ;-) We have the same paint set you posted for the girls and OH MY do they go through that paint fast! Doesn't take long, especially with those big brushes. But they sure do love it! Thanks for the updates. Just beautiful all those kiddos!!!