Thursday, August 27, 2009

More summertime fun

We started our year about 6 weeks or so ago. We have been doing well at it, still tweaking it, but don't we do that all the time! So far we are enjoying our choice of topics and books.

I've started a schedule using Managers of Their Home. I have most of our school time accounted for, just waiting on a couple of books to come in. I have implemented the first 3 hours of the day and it's getting easier. I'm hoping to extend it more this week. I've done from 5:30 am - 8:30 am (quiet time, EXERCISE!, sort and fold laundry, computer time, breakfast, and morning chores for the kids while I shower!). I am feeling like I'm accomplishing so much more in those 3 hours than I did all day before!

I also incorporated some items into a "circle time" structure...we're still working on that. We still need a name for it, as the boys say "circle time" sounds like Kindergarten--any ideas? It consists of many of those subjects I wanted to do, but often pushed til last and then never got to (got any of those?)--poetry, memorization, today in history, oh and Biblical Art of the Day. It's pretty neat, I have it linked to my dashboard (Mac) and it brings up a new piece everyday. When you go to the site, it shows where it came from in bible (cool way to incorporate even more of God's word in our studies!). We're also doing Draw the Proverbs and we are reading Wisdom and the Millers (about Proverbs). A big goal for me this year was to focus on God's word in our school time. For so long, I have skimmed over it, but now I want it to be the main goal in their education. If they don't know and love and fear God, I have not succeeded...

Amidst all this, the kids are still enjoying some downtime and summer fun.

Playing dress-up, not sure what style they're going for...

Want to play a game of I Spy? What do you spy in this picture?
I'll give you a hint: it's white.

Having some fun pool time! Dad is so wonderful to take the kids in the pool in the evenings so I can get some downtime and maybe some work done. What an amazing husband!

Speaking of--here's my sweet husband!

Don't you love the hairdo?

This poor hummingbird was trapped in our garage yesterday, so J used his insect net to capture it and we put it in the butterfly pavillion to feed it. (the red you see is the nectar mix).


Jocelyn-Chris said...

Funny about the hairdos! Yes, it must indeed be the "in" thing. Ha! Very cool about the hummingbird. Sounds like you are off to a great start.

Beach Mama said...

Sounds like y'all have gotten off to a good start with your schooling! The Maxwell Family is going to give a talk in our neck of the shore here pretty soon. I'm looking forward to it.

Another name for Circle Time...really the only things I cn think of are "Circling the Wagons", "Family Circle", "Morning Round-up." Or you could go with like a ranch name The Circle 'blank' and insert your last initial or something.

The hummingbird was totally awesome!