Saturday, August 8, 2009

Planning for 2009-2010 (Part 2)

Now that I have plans in place for 2009-2010, I am devouring all the sites and books I can find on Charlotte Mason, nature studies, homemaking, and drawing closer to God . I thought I'd share some of the books I'm reading and websites that I'm stalking following and ebooks I've downloaded in this quest. I have found some wonderful books and unit studies and ebooks and nature journals.... WOW! The list goes on and on. I tried to pick some of my favorites. It feels good when your books and sites seem to form an unending circle, they all seem to end up related to one another somehow. It gives you the feeling that God is smiling down at you encouraging you that you are going in the right direction. What a feeling!

I hope you enjoy searching these books and sites. I remember feeling so overwhelmed the first year I tried to incorporate bits and pieces of Charlotte Mason. I was barely dipping my big toe at the time. This year I am ready to DIVE in! I wish I had seen some of these sites early on in my search for simplicity, Charlotte Mason, and a closer walk with God. I hope you're as blessed as I am through these books/sites. (I'm giving links--just remember to COME BACK!)


A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family by Mary Ostyn (This link makes it in both this section and the websites.)

Handbook of Nature Study by Amanda Comstock (pretty much every CM site/book talks about this book!)


Living a Blessed Life --God has blessed me with Amy, one of my dearest friends. She has a wonderful heart for God and His people. Her blog never ceases to hit it's mark on where God is working in my life!

Owlhaven (Mary Ostyn)

The Pioneer Woman (Great recipes and homemaking, photography, homeschooling, and even some giveaways!)

Copper's Wife and Preschoolers and Peace (on Mondays they review curriculum for different subjects, very CM!)

Katie's Homeschool Cottage (This is where I got our CM insect study.)


Insects: A Unit Study using the Charlotte Mason Method and More (fantastic list of CM books and videos on insects)

Ourdoor Hour Challenges: Nature Study Close to Home (great ideas and easy "worksheet" style nature journal pages to get you started)

Eric Carle bundle (by Grace Bound Books, bought at Currclick)

PS...this post has been saved as a draft since June!  I just noticed it and decided it might be time to publish it!

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Amy Jo said...

Oh, you bless me, my Friend! I'm honored you would add me to such an esteemed list. :-) And my circle is not complete without YOU and all you have been teaching me lately through your obedient heart and willingness to be stretched in so many beautiful ways. Oh, how I love you, Charlene!

Big hug,