Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our week in pictures

Thought I'd show you some of what our week has looked like. Throw in 2 baseball practices and 4 games and you get a wild and fun week. We've spent quite a bit of time outside in BLR. The boys have been swimming a good bit lately and jumping on the trampoline. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Makes her daddy proud...
Shaoey fashioned this gun all by herself--stock, barrel, trigger, and sights...

Our newest pet addition--a red earred slider...
(Don't know if you can see, but Flash our other turtle
is in the lower right quadrant buried under the rocks.)
Another "treasure"

Can you guess which princess this is?
It's getting harder and harder for me to tell from the back!

Shaoey and Shuangshuang got into stickers today and decided to
decorate Shaoey and the walls and the furniture....

My princesses were Boppin' with the Biggles!
This is Shaoey's favorite video right now, especially the song "Locomotion."Oops, I got busted!
Yes, this is Miss Attitude... amazing how early they try to start!

Relaxation time!
The boys favorite things out there are the camp fires!

Jacob, Lord of the Woodpile

The supervisors


Amy Jo said...

Great pics! Thanks for sharing!!!

Dawn said...

Love the pictures Charlene.
Too cute!!! The girls and boys are getting so big!

Dawn said... that an unmatching outfit I see? :) I would do it too but I guess I have to have two to get matching outfits. Guess that means china will have to find me another after I get married.

Charlene said...

Hi, Dawn R! Yes, that is a rare picture with them not matching! Only at home. The minute I say we're going somewhere, Shaoey is off to find matching clothes. She'll even start out in something not matching, but when she sees me dress SS, she runs to get the same outfit! I'll take it as long as it lasts, makes dressing easier.