Monday, April 27, 2009

Life is precious

We had a scary reminder of this last week. One I hope I NEVER have to experience again.

We almost lost Shuangshuang last Tuesday night. We were at the ballpark watching practice. Troy had just gotten there, the girls and I were getting ready to come home. He kissed the girls when he got there, then we briefly talked about dinner, literally under 2 minutes. Shaoey said something about SS being on her. I walked around to see. Shuangshuang was laying across Shaoey's lap not moving. Her eyes were open, fixed into space and empty, and she wasn't breathing. She was completely blue. I grabbed her up and handed her to Troy who dislodged some of her snack using his finger in her mouth and then by hitting her back with her hanging upside down and doing abdominal thrusts. I could barely see around his shoulder, but what I could see was terrifying. He had layed her down on the grass and even though she was now breathing she still wasn't moving or making a sound--just staring off into space. By this time 911 had been called and we had quite a crowd. She was alive but was VERY lethargic. By the time the ambulance got there, she was able to name us and say a couple of boo yows (no in Chinese), but she was very sleepy. Her O2 was fine so we brought her home and watched her all evening. I let the girls take an hour + bath because she was staying awake for it (and that made me feel better!). We put her down to bed and I was terrified. I wanted to hold her all night and never let her go.

Our God is an awesome God. He brought her back from death. It truly was a miracle. How many times do our kids fuss and we say work it out? If I had said that to Shaoey....I can't go there. All the what ifs--what if Troy had been 5 minutes later, what if he hadn't decided to relieve me, what if Shaoey hadn't complained... I cannot tell you the image I have burned into my mind right now. My baby laying there, gone.

But with God there are no what ifs. He knew. I pray that I have given Him the glory that He deserves. It was kind of cool to be able to share the story at the baseball park the next night (yes, we were back there the next night!) of how thankful we are to God and that He is an AWESOME God who cares about us and is in control. It has even opened interesting avenues of conversation with aquaintances, one who really suprised me by saying he couldn't imagine God bringing her all the way from China just to let her die. Not sure about that, but it was an interesting conversation on his faith! Praise God for opening doors!

I have to say it has changed my attitude. He got my attention! All those little frustrating things seem to be so petty now. When I go to fuss about her whining, I am stopped by the realization that she almost wasn't here to whine. Talk about stopping you in your tracks. Children are such a blessing and a joy. Have you hugged your blessings today?

And wouldn't you know it? In God's amazing sense of timing, I woke up Wednesday morning to a Proverbs31 devotion titled "In God's Hands."

To God be the all the glory!

Princess Shuangshuang

Princess Shuangshuang and Princess Shaoey


Kayluray said...

Thanks for sharing this story. You must have been terrified. I know what you mean about all the "what ifs". Thank God she is okay.

Heather Thompson said...

I know what you mean but I'm so glad to hear Shoey is ok! What a reminder to have. Bless you!

Amy Jo said...

Rejoicing with your family, Sweet Friend! Thanking God for breathing His life back into Beautiful Grace!

Table for Six said...

Praising God for all that He put into place to have a positive outcome for Grace and your family.

Jocelyn-Chris said...

Wow Charlene. So thankful to Him for that hedge of protection. Looking forward to meeting in June!

Jeanette said...

Charlene...oh my goodness! Praise God that His mighty hand was upon her! I will be praying for you, that those images from that day and all the "what if's" that can fill your mind will fade away. We, as mommas, tend to fixate on those kinds of things and it can be so very painful. Yes, treasure ever single moment, even those hard and trying times. What a blessing God has given you and your family.

Regina said...

Oh my goodness. I am in tears reading this. I can only imagine how scared you were.
Our God is an awesome God. And He can do anything. I am so glad that you were able to share that with others.