Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This precious little girl needs a family...

This is Kathy. She is a sweet 5 year old girl who lives at Philip Hayden Foundation (PHF). Our Grace was in the same house with her. Kathy has post operative heart disease, but still needs another surgery. Unfortunatley, she cannot get this surgery in China so she needs her family to find her as soon as possible. She is listed with Bay Area Adoption Agency (BAAS). The waiting child coordinator is Xiaoqing Cai (xqcai@comcast.net). She will gladly answer any and all questions about Kathy. Please let others know about her!

This is a picture of my husband holding Kathy when we were at PHF in December to adopt Grace. She loved to sit in our laps and was sweet and silly. She is delightful!

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Amy Jo said...

What a sweet pic of your Man and Kathy. Wow. Praying God brings her family VERY SOON!!! What a precious girl.