Friday, March 27, 2009

Therapy time

We've been trying to do more therapy time around her. Some things we've done are wheelbarrow, crab crawls, balance balls, and scissor jacks. We've also played in shaving cream, beans, popcorn, barley, and water! I've been reading lots of books on OT and Aspergers and am trying to boost our sensory diet. I'd love to hear what others are doing. We only get to go to official therapy once a week, so I know that I need to do more here at the house. Ideas?

The boys have been taking a homeschool gymnastics class which is actually good
for some of their OT stuff, so I count it as therapy! This was the final class of the
session dad got to go in and take pictures.
(BTW, they're falling into a large foam pit! Mama had to ask!)

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