Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just some interesting pictures!

Shaoey is fascinated with the floor vents in the mobile home. They are an endless source of entertainment for all of us.

And here's my princess looking wistfully out the window. The mosquitoes are SO bad, we can only go outside from about 1-4. She is such a magnet for them!

Can you find all 3 kids in this one?
One of the things I love about being here is how the boys use their creativity to entertain themselves! Here's one of the trees that Gustav took down. I'm having a hard time bringing myself to let Troy cut it up and move it even though it is RIGHT in our view of the river. The boys have turned it into a hideout.

Speaking of view of the's one from the side of the kids' hideout and one from the top of the hill. Our goal is to have the slope smoothed out and build a pier and a place for chairs.
And lastly is just an oddball picture. Our refrigerator is very annoying. It tends to freeze things, too. We have it on a low/medium setting so the freezer will stay frozen, but if you put anything in the back of the fridge, it also freezes. Like this:

Oh and one more, 2 kids sweaty from running around in circles while we wait for dad to come home!


strandfam said...

Your blog is beautiful, and I love the photos of your little treasures! Thanks for sharing!

Amy Jo said...

Ah, now your family pics are complete! Emily did a great job (as usual!)

OK, the egg picture kinda freaked me out, wasn't sure what it was since ya'll tend to have interesting wildlife stories. Glad it's just a frozen egg. That's gotta be frustrating though.

Praying you get news of travel SOON!

Table for Six said...

LOVE the blog and the updates are fun. I love the view.. I am so coming next summer on our way to... whereever the AF takes us... our kids are going to have so much fun!

Luanne said...

Came across your blog from Amy Jo's site! Camping and Homeschooling--a couple of my favorite hobbies, too. Well, homeschooling isn't so much a hobby--more like a career! Nice to meet you!