Friday, March 2, 2012

Why should I buy a calendar in March??

I realize it is now March and many of you are probably thinking it's too late in the year to purchase a calendar.  Here are a few great reasons to purchase this special calendar (or two, or three!):

*The MAIN purpose of the calendar is to bring awareness to the children of SFCV,
*The proceeds go to helping the the children at SFCV, and
*Who wouldn't want to wake up to these precious faces every day??

Some friends shared their great ideas on how they use their calendars.   One way that really encourages me is that they pray for the children of that month every day.  What a great daily visual reminder to lift these little ones up to God.  The calendars also make great gifts to pastors and church elders to help bring awareness to our churches.  Many times the command to care for the orphan gets overlooked just because it is not right in front of us.  This is a great way to daily keep these angels in front of us to remind us of their need.  You see it's never to late to get one for  your home or to give a few as gifts!

And the best reason to purchase a calendar in March--

The SFCV calendar is now only $15 (includes shipping)!!!

You can email me at to get payment details.

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