Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mud Island River Park, Memphis, TN

 I just love weddings-  the love and sweet tenderness, the hope of years together, the joy that radiates...  I love seeing young men and women of God who see the value of marriage and aren't swayed by the culture that says wait until...until you've experienced the world, until you've tested out a few potential spouses, until you have established yourself... but I digress.

A few weeks ago we had the joy of being able to go to another family wedding.  We were so touched by the devotion to God and each other that we witnessed in these young adults.  We pray God's blessings over the newlyweds and their marriages.

Of course, if you know us, we'll turn any trip into a fun field trip!  This time the destination was Memphis.  My husband is sweet to humor me.  He took off Thursday at lunch and drove  us to Memphis.  
What post would be complete without a sleeping girl?

We stayed at an Embassy Suites.  This was our first stay and it was pretty nice.  It had a beautiful atrium with ducks and koi which the girls loved watching.  It was great to have that extra space of a separate bedroom, and no one had to sleep on the floor!  Oh and the breakfast was pretty nice too--a free cooked to order omelet and pancake/waffle station along with the usual breakfast fare.

Grace figured out how to cut her food by holding the fork in the crook of her pokey arm and the knife in her hand.  Pretty ingenious!

Friday morning we headed off to Mud Island River Park

I think the Monorail was one of the kids' favorite parts of the day!  (NOT mine....)

30" equals 1 mile--so basically one normal step was a mile
If you click on this photo, you can read more on what the River Park is all about.

And each 1" ridge you see in the river is equal to 8'
(Love being able to use math!)

Our dancing girl...

Shaoey's is testing out the current by sending her shoe downstream.  Grace was the first to figure it out, I just didn't catch a picture of it...

Discussing that this is one of the places that they go hunting (near Raccourci Island and Angola--LA State Penitentiary).

Connor caught (and released) a cicada!  It was floating in the water.  That makes 2 live cicadas that we've seen this year.

Near "New Orleans:
We reached the "Gulf of Mexico!"

Connor and Shaoey pedal boating around the gulf.

I love that you can see how hard Grace is working at pedaling.  Jacob is kicked back here letting her do the work!  

What we thought would take an hour or two ended up last about 4 hours.  So we had some hot, tired, and hungry children.  We decided to skip over to Beale street for lunch and to say we've been on it.  (And to compare it to Bourbon St.  Granted it was day time, but much cleaner than Bourbon St.!  I wonder why he didn't make it "I think He'd prefer Bourbon St. to the stained glass crowd?")    
BB King's Blues Club on Beale St.

Having a stare down.  You HAVE to click on the photo and enlarge it to see Grace's eyes!  Too funny!

Here we are ready to go to the main event:
Cutest window display I've ever seen!

Look how big the room was.  The bedroom is back to right.  The suite had 2 double beds and a sleeper sofa.

Grammy and our children

This table was the HIT of the reception!  Who'd have thunk it?  Even the adults were raiding it!  

Back row: Connor, Troy, & Jacob
Front row: Aunt Paulette, Shaoey, Grammy, Grace, & Aunt Susie

Beautiful bride, handsome groom, and an amazing cake made by "Aunt" Linda!
 Troy likes driving at night, so we left Collierville around 4 pm and drove on through.  It was nice to wake up in our own beds Sunday morning and get to go to church.  Thanks, Troy!

I must say, have mixed feelings.  While we are ready to spend some time at home "doing" school and not packing and unpacking, our trips are SO much fun that I miss them.  Our next scheduled trip isn't until our annual November hunting trip.  I may have to squeeze a little something in between now and then.  There just too much cool creation to explore!

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