Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cat on a hot...

shingled roof?

It is with MUCH sadness that we announce that the 3 kittens are gone.  We don't know if they ran away, were hit, or eaten (our guess).  It happened one at a time; first Leia, then Luke, and then Sagwa; about a week apart.   We are heartbroken.  They were absolutely, without a doubt, the BEST kittens we've ever had.  They were so loving and snuggly.  We're still sort of reeling from it.  

We think that something got them.  Why?  Because a neighbor told us a coyote got a couple of her cats.  And because of Little Boy.  Little Boy started acting weird the day that Leia disappeared.  He started laying in the middle of driveway.  Then we started finding him on top of the pool pump house.  This is where he spends his days and nights now:

Until he sees us come outside...then he does this:

He has spent the last week inside as much as we'll let him.  I really feel terrible for him.  He is apparently very spooked by something.  He won't go near the trees along either side of the house, he spends all his time up high--either the house, Troy's truck, the van...  When he comes in, this is where he likes to be:

His favorite human--Jacob!  He will "allow" the rest of us to hold him, but he is rigid and doesn't relax.  With Jacob, he crashes.  You can hear him purring.  He's also become more vocal.  Poor thing also seems to be having dreams.  His poor little feet are moving while he sleeps.

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