Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshot--Connor

My baby's growing up!  Look at this handsome young man.  He's definitely not a little boy anymore, atleast not in size, but he is in my heart.  He is starting his eighth grade.  He's an amazing student.  He's turning into such a wonderful gentleman--opening doors, not letting me carry heavy stuff, protecting me.... he's got a great daddy to learn from.  Unfortunately, like his mama, he does not care to have pictures taken so these were taken very quickly and with the promise that it wouldn't hurt, too much.

Me and my boy... sigh, he's bigger than I am now.

Don't you love the "hurry up and get this over" look?  
The boys were off to build a wall around their fort.  So fun to see them working together and creating stuff.  They have dug a--bunker?--in the back corner.  I've heard it's now about 4' deep.  He's all boy, loves hunting and shooting.  He's been practicing shooting his bow and dad says he's a natural.  We're hoping he'll get his first bow kill this fall.  He's still into war/military/weapons.  He's also getting into current events and likes to get into discussions about them.

We are so blessed to be your parents.  We love you, Connor!


bugs parents said...

Connor might like the book "All for the Union: The Civil War Diary & Letters of Elisha Hunt Rhodes". Ken Burns apparently used it on his Civil War PBS series. It's by a young man who was 17 when he joined the army. He was there from Bull Run to Appamattox.

I had listened to it on tape years ago and am now reading it (I got it through our libary and it's available on Amazon). I don't remember the details of the book so you might want to look it over before he reads it.

bugs parents said...

I finished the book - it's fine. Elijah Hunt Rhodes was an upstanding, young Christian man who gave God all the glory and credit for keeping him safe during the war. It's a great book to read with a map nearby to plot just how far they walked.