Sunday, May 29, 2011

For all our BLR friends

Troy had a rare opportunity today.  A dear friend offered to take him on a fly over of BLR.  I thought I'd share a few so our friends with camps down there can see it.  It's been under mandatory evacuation and we haven't see it in a couple weeks.  (Although I hear that as of tomorrow our section will become voluntary evacuation and we just need to show proof that we belong there.)  So here we go and don't forget that you can click on a picture and it will enlarge it:

This is the point where we use to go swimming.  On the part that dips in on the opposite side of the river you can usually see lots and lots of rocks that they put there to keep it from washing away...

Holly Pipe (2 away from ours.  Look toward the top of the photo, that's us.)

Happy town (this one's for Ms. Sarah and Mr. Harvey!)

Neva Bayou Self


Here's ours! 

A view of the river

Here's a link to our local news with video footage of Happy Town.

We are very thankful that it is much less than expected.  Our place is safe and dry.   Please pray for those who did get water in their homes and camps.  And while it has officially crested, there still may be some back flow that could cause flooding.  

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Pam said...

Amazing photos. Praising God that your place is safe and dry.