Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Spring is here, the pecan trees are blooming and you can't fool a pecan tree.  It won't start getting it's leaves until frost is over and as you can see...

leaves!  And we're moving rapidly into warm summer weather.  Sadly spring weather only lasts a few weeks here.  I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of our spring here.

My rock princesses:

 My sister Charlotte:
(I don't know if I've posted much about her here.  Maybe she'll be my next Sunday Snapshot...) 

Fishing spiders in the pool (also called dock or wharf spiders--learned that from our nature study this morning!)

Ok, the kids made me take this one...the poor creature flew into our pool fence and didn't make it all the way through.  It is a pretty cool picture of it's eyes!

Jacob's garden has started to grow!  

He has a handful of cucumber plants coming up:

This next set was too difficult to choose from.  We were outside doing together schoolwork this morning.  We were doing our composer study, listening to Shostakovich's 6th Symphony and the girls decided to get into princess dresses and do some interpretive dance:  

(I just counted legs, did you?)

Costume change...

The boys took the four wheeler to the barn and decided to do some creating.

 Ta da!  They built a wall around their tree fort.  This is in preparation for a horde of testosterone filled boys coming over in the next week for airsoft wars.

Our chickens are doing well.  They've started laying eggs later in the day now.  So this is how I found them today at 3 pm.

 Azaleas are in bloom and if you look closely you can see a huge carpenter bee.  Tons of them around right now.  Our flowering bushes are humming with them.

This....this is my view from my rocking chair on the front porch--heavenly!

I haven't just been chilling.  We are on our last six weeks of school, actually last 4 weeks.  We'll be taking off the month of May.  I've chosen all our schoolwork for the next year and have already gotten most of it delivered.  I love selecting curriculum.  Especially since I have really come to terms with how I want my children to learn and what feast I want to put before them.  More on that in the coming weeks!

Happy spring!

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