Thursday, October 28, 2010

THAW fund--The children at SFCV NEED heat!

Like every year in China, we have to pay our heating bill in advance to get heat for the children of SFCV.  We're asking you to show your love for them by giving generously to The Hearts And Warmth fund.

The Chinese government controls the flow of heat throughout the country, turning on the heat Nov. 15th and shutting it off March 15th.  They will not activate our heat unless full payment is made in advance, and the heat fee for SFCV this year is $24,070 USD.  Our deadline is Nov. 13th.  

You can sponsor the heat for the entire winter for one of our 11 buildings--children's homes, the school, the clinic, or the outreach center--with a donation of $2,188 USD.  A gift of $547 supplies one month's worth of heat for one building; $127 covers one week's heat; and just $18 will keep an entire home warm for one day! PLEASE help us keep our children warm and healthy this winter by sending a generous donation to our THAW fund today.

Go to ChinaOrphans and donate today!

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