Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look at these 2 cuties that need families

These 2 cuties both have limb differences, which are very special to me.  Our Grace's left arm looks just like Matthew's!

is  13 months old

And has a limb difference.  He's missing his left forearm.
He looks so cute and cuddly and as sweet as can be!


Molly has a deformed/incomplete left hand and foot.  
Isn't she just adorable with a huge personality to go with that preciousness!?

These children are on an individual list.
for information, email Xiaoqing Cai:
or leave a comment here.


Mandy said...

Have either of these two found families yet?

Charlene said...

Molly has a family!!! Check out

Their daughter Ava was our Grace's BFF at SFCV.

Mandy said...

Praise God! What about Matthew?