Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Artwork Auction to benefit SFCV

Take a look at these BEAUTIFUL paintings that were done in China!  They are coming directly from SFCV gift shop.  We are auctioning them off to help raise funds for SFCV.  To place a bid, leave your bid in a comment for me.   

Bidding will end Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 10 pm CST!   So be sure to check back to see who won and to see how much we have raised for SFCV.

Artwork #1 
Size 23.5" x 35.5"
Starting Bid:  $75

Artwork #2
Size 24" x 20"
Starting Bid:  $50

Artwork #3 
Size 24" x 35.5"
Starting bid $75

Artwork #4 
Size 39.5" x 30.5" 
Starting bid: $225

Please share this my site with all your friends!   


(If possible, the winner will make their donation directly to SFCV on their website so that the funds will be available to them faster as time is of the essence.  The artwork will come to me rolled.  They are sending me a smaller one with the frame so I'll know how to put them back on a frame.  If you choose to have me send it to you rolled, I will cover shipping.  Otherwise, shipping will be extra.)

(All proceeds will go DIRECTLY to SFCV!)
(I put a starting bid to make sure that we covered the cost of the paintings.)

1 comment:

Janet and Kevin said...

Artwork Two - fish - bid at $75
Artwork Three - brother and sister - bid $100

Janet and Kevin Bourke