Monday, February 15, 2010

Pensacola trip (Warning--LOTS of pictures!)

The kids and I took a quick overnight trip to Pensacola.  Of course we turned it into a fun filled field trip!  After checking into our hotel, the kids and I went down to the beach.  What a great sunset.  The kids had fun collecting TONS of shells on the beach.  The water was COLD but it didn't seem to stop them from putting their feet in it.  I just love how some of these pictures came out.  I was playing with the settings on my camera.  

Oh my!  This one of my oldest just stole my heart.  He's growing so fast...

Look at the movement in this one!  How cool!  And of course if that smile doesn't steal your heart, nothing will!

More movement--that's not just a blur on the photo, that's Grace digging very fast!

This was the view from our hotel room Sunday morning.  How glorious.  God's creation is so beautiful and breathtaking...

Museum of Naval Aviation

Fort Barancas
After visiting with the park ranger (who also happened to be missing part of her arm!), we headed off the trail to the fort.

As we walked up the path...

Then reached the summit and saw THIS---

The REAL reason we went to Pensacola--our new wheels!  We love it!  No more climbing over seats and seeing tushies and feet flying through the air.  The boys were getting a bit too big to do that.  The kids loved having extra elbow room and of course the TV didn't hurt.


Sharing Life and Love said...

Wow---Look at THAT van! The Pensacola pictures are all so beautiful---can't believe how close you were to my Shae! I'll be meeting her in S. FL the weekend after next---Yippee. Can't wait to visit Pensacola again. It is so pretty.

Jocelyn-Chris said...

So happy for you with the new wheels! Making room for more. :) Looks like it was a great excuse for a neat field trip.

Heather Thompson said...

Great pictures and Awesome van!!! Boy do you have room to expand now;) Can't wait to learn more of those hints you've been dropping and those cute pictures you're tagged in!

familyof8 said...

I can't believe you were so close. We live 40 minutes from Pensacola!! We would have loved seeing you all. The photos were great.
Email me when you can:

Love the new many does it seat?


Ms. Understood said...

I just found your blog today and have been lurking and reading on & off--it's so interesting! I'm a homeschooling mom to two boys, and feel a pull on my heart to eventually adopt an orphan from somewhere in the world. Anyway, I'd planned to just lurk and to add you to my google reader, but I had to speak up when I saw the Pcola pics! That's where we live! Glad you got to see the beach and tour the naval museum. Both are favorites (esp the beach!). Did you go to the lighthouse?
Anyway...I've enjoyed your blog thoroughly so far and look forward to reading more about your beautiful family.