Monday, February 8, 2010

"The fun has arrived!!!"

Ok, so we just let the girls watch Tarzan (the title quote is from Turk)... When we got back from church yesterday, we had a wonderful surprise message waiting for us---the chicks were in!!!  Jacob, Grace and I went to the post office and picked them up.   Now the fun starts!  Thought some pics of the cuties would make a Monday morning post not so Monday morning...

This was their travel arrangements.  There were actually 4 of these at the post office, so others in our area are getting started on the fun too!  We purchased them from McMurray Hatchery.   We've heard nothing but great things about them.    You should have heard the peeping coming from those 4 boxes!!!  

We opened our box to these adorable little Rhode Island Red chicks.  
Awww, cher!

Of course the children couldn't wait to get their hands on them.  They are so furry and fluffy and cuddly!

Here they are in their brooder.  They loved the heat light. They ended up in a pile underneath it, all cuddled together.

We lost one little one, but we expected it.  It's the little black and yellow cutie in the front of this picture.  It was an extra they sent.  We thought it looked small and weak.  The rest seem to be doing great this morning--eating and drinking and PEEPING!

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