Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The wild and crazy adventures of the CGG and Ricky the Raccoon

The kids and I spent the weekend in TN with our CGG friends.  On Saturday evening, we looked up and were quite surprised to see a raccoon looking in the sliding glass door at us!  All the kids (and us moms!) ran over to look at it.  After a few minutes of being oohh'd and ahh'd over gawked and pointed at, it must have felt dejected and left.

Later that evening, after the kids had gone to sleep, we were sitting around reading the guest book.  Numerous guests made comments about the raccoon (and sometimes her little one) and a mama bear and her 2 cubs (which we found out later we missed out front--bummer!).  One of the guests named the raccoon Ricky and it stuck!

Not long after that, I looked up and there was Ricky again.  He was just sitting there at the door,so sad and pitiful ferocious and vicious looking.  He looked like he was going to try to snuggle on our laps eat us up!

Since we'd read that it was a regular visitor, I decided to feed it a piece of bread...

As I opened the door an inch to throw the bread out, you should have heard the squeals and shrieks from the other moms who BOLTED for the stairs, leaving poor injured Dawn and Julie sitting on the sofa to fend for themselves from the vicious raccoon.  Mind you these moms can handle 4-5 kids at a time, but ran for the hills when I opened the door about an inch to throw bread outside!

I love you scaredy cats girls so much!

(p.s. notice what's playing on tv?)


Pam said...

Ha Ha! I am laughing at your re-cap!!! Ricky could have wiggled his way in and perhaps he was rabid~ you just never know~ LOL

Amy Jo said...

Too funny! I bet Keri was glad it had four legs and wasn't a slither-er. ;-) Thanks for the pics!

Marla and S.J. said...

I am trying to contact you to order several bracelets, please tell me how to do this, thanks!!! Sorry not internet savvy!