Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our wild week...

We have had a wild week!  It started with us not being able to go to church because so many of us were coughing and sneezing.  Then came our usual Monday therapy and errand day and baseball practice.  It was a day of celebration though, because it was our sweet Grace's 3rd birthday--her first birthday in her forever family!  Connor had his pre-op appointment on Tuesday.  Our appointment was for 9:30; but that was just for the actual doctor's office, not the surgery center downstairs...  That was another hour mainly of waiting.  That's when Connor found out he needed lab work!  So off to dad's office to draw blood.  My baby is growing up--he chose dad this week (to be with him for the blood draw AND his surgery!) which is as it should be, but it still makes me sad.    Wednesday was surgery...

Thankfully he slept most of the morning at he came home.  Then he asked to play computer games and have pudding, Ale 8, and root beer floats.  Isn't that what having surgery is all about--the treats!?  LOL Troy left to go hunting in Illinois.  Today Grace woke with what I thought was bug bites, but there seem to be more of them this afternoon...chicken pox?  Thunderstorms threatened all morning and let loose as we were heading to Shaoey's gymnastics, of course.  The ride home was scary to say the least!  All the roads were flooded.  We'd look down the side roads and couldn't see the front yard--one big lake!

Looks like Connor's feeling pretty good today!

How's your week going?

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Sharing Life and Love said...

You have so much going on! Hope this week is calmer for you all.

And Hope that everyone is feeling better...especially Connor!

Happy Birthday Grace! (a little late)