Monday, June 15, 2009

USS Alabama and USS Drum

We are headed to Julie's today in GA.  We planned a side trip to the USS Alabama and USS Drum in Mobile, AL.   We've passed it many times on the way to Destin, but have never actually stopped in.  It was a cool trip!  You actually get to go down into the ship and the submarine.  You could easily get lost, it's such a maze of openings, rooms, stairs, etc!  

USS Alabama

The Brig...

Can you imagine sleeping here?

Navigation room

The USS Drum (Submarine)


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Amy Jo said...

Looks like all five of you had a GREAT time!!! How fun. And no, I would NOT want to sleep in those triple-bunks-super-squished "beds." Oh my. So grateful for those who do! Have a GREAT time with Miss Julie! Love and hugs, Amy