Monday, June 15, 2009

CGG Reunion

The girls and I flew to NJ for a ChattyGirl reunion.  These are some of my closest and dearest friends.  We all adopted around the same time in late 2006/early 2007.  We email daily and try to get the girls together ever chance we have.    We stayed our Laura's house at the shore.  The girls all got along so well!  They played and sang and danced and ate all weekend long!  

The first day there it rained and rained and rained 
so we stayed home and let the girls hang out and it gave us a chance to catch up.  

The weather cleared up on Saturday so we walked to the shore and let the girls
play in the sand and water.  Did I mention the water was COLD?  
Shuangshuang only wanted to go in the water.  She loved it!

Kate, Claire, Anna Claire, Lucy, Shuangshuang, Shaoey, Emily, and Mia

Saturday night we took the girls to the Boardwalk for RIDES!  Shaoey was SO excited!  When she'd get off one ride, she would run to the next one.  Shuangshuang was a bit more reserved...  she screamed her way through the carousel.  She warmed up a little as the night wore on.

Eating Zeppoles at the Boardwalk!  Yummy!

Laura, Pam, Claire, Charlene, Nichole, and Keri 
(BTW, we also spent Saturday celebrating Claire's new referral!!!)

Two VERY tired little girls!  We carried them in and put them straight to bed.  


Anonymous said...

How Fun!! What a gorgeous group of girls!!! Oh an the kids are cute, too! =0)

Amy Jo said...

Thanks for posting pics!!! SO wish I could have been there! Glad you got one of you and the other CGG! Hugs, Amy