Saturday, November 22, 2008

Introducing yet another new pet... Mao Mao

We were in BLR on Thursday for the repairmen to go their punchlist (usually done earlier than this, but the hurricanes and power outages hindered that) and make a few repairs.

First, we got there and went inside. We were looking out the window and one of the boys saw a large bird in a tree in the yard. We went out to get a closer look and all of a sudden MANY large birds took to the sky from our yard. Here's a picture of what a small part the sky looked like. Multiply this times about 4.... it was CREEPY to see the buzzards circling overhead!!!

Then after the repairmen showed up, we saw a young cat in the yard. This is the picture the kids had me take to email Dad, begging him to let them keep it...

It must have worked, because here's the cat in our sunroom!

Now if I could just sweet talk my husband into chickens and goats and fruit trees and a vegetable garden.... Can you tell I'd really like to live on a farm?

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