Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How fast we forget lessons...

And I'm not talking about homeschool lessons.

My husband and I have a standing disagreement about every 4-5 months. Basically it boils down to he wants me to exercise so that we can be together for longer. Of course, I don't want to, exercise that is! I have never enjoyed it. I know intellectually that I need it. I know that it's good for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I just don't like it.

I was talking to my dear spiritual friend and mentor this morning and she really spoke some hard truth into my life. She reminded me that God commands me to be in submission to my husband; not just in the things I want to be in submission to him for, but in all things. Yes, this includes exercise. When I am not in submission, I am in sin and this results in static in my relationship with God. Wow! I honestly never thought of that! To the best of my ability, I need to be in submission to him. Why have I not been submissive in this area? Well, that would be another sin. I was being rebellious, pure and simple. I wanted unconditional love from my husband, whether I exercised or not. I felt like I shouldn't have to exercise to get his "unconditional love." Guess what? I will never get unconditional love from another human! There is only one person who can fill that hole in my heart--GOD! I was asking my husband to do something he is not designed to do.

You'd think that haven gotten this lesson this morning that I would be on guard. Nope! This evening, I was out grocery shopping and got several calls from my husband. Apparently the princess was very tired and falling asleep. She would NOT let daddy brush her teeth, no way, now how! I come home and the saga was continuing. So, I go and get her off the sofa, brush her teeth, try to get her to potty, and try to put her to bed. No luck. By this time, she is wide awake, albeit GRUMPY! So of course, Mama is grumpy. In my mind (and I'm sure on my face), I am feeling and thinking not so nice thoughts. "Did we really have to brush her teeth tonight?" "Do we really wake a sleeping 3 year old?" "I could be sitting down with a book right now instead of cleaning up his messy situation again!" "It's easy for him to say wake her and brush her teeth. He won't have to deal with an angry princess!" (She won't let him, but that's another story.)

My other first thoughts were, "I'm going to email my ChattyGirls and see what THEY think! I'm sure they'll agree with me!" Then after a few minutes of thinking this, I felt a nudge in my heart. I wasn't being submissive to my husband. If he wants her teeth brushed, then it is my job to respectfully and joyfully brush her teeth. So instead of emailing my CGG (sorry, girls), I decided to share MY lesson from today with you. In what area is God calling you to be submissive to your husband? I pray that this lesson blesses you like I think it will.

Hmmm, maybe I didn't completely forget my lesson today afterall. Now it's time to go apologize to my husband....

"Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord." Ephesians 5:22 NIV

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