Monday, March 31, 2008

Birds--our next lapbook

We started our next lapbook today. I chose and easier one with more pockets and moveable stuff. We are studying birds. We did a history one so I thought a science one would be a good change of pace. We live kinda in the country and have lots of birds around. I let the boys look through some books and find some feeders and houses they'd like to make.

Here's some of the books we've checked out to use: Feeding our Feathered Friends, The Life Cycle of a Bird, and What is a Bird?. We've also checked out some books on John James Audubon: The Boy Who Drew Birds and Audubon, Painter of Birds in the Wild Frontier. I purchased the Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 4. Just got it in today and was looking through it. It definitely looks like something my boys will LOVE! I may need to order some more. (Anyone have any they're looking to get rid of?)

Oh yeah, and I downloaded this cool Homeschooler's Guide to Project FeederWatch! ( as well as the Hands of a Child Bird project pack. I'm on for this one!

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Table for Six said...

I have a nature Reader. WE loved it too. You can borrow it :O) but I will need it at some point with the last 3 youngens.. :O)