Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas!
Here's a photo recap our our last month.

4-H Jr. Leader Tacky Christmas sweater--WINNER!

The girls at Aunt Susie's

4-H Jr. Leader Christmas caroling at Emeritus

Eating at Pizza Village after caroling

Shaoey and dad--how cute!

Taking pics for dad's Christmas gift

And we have a winner!

Dad's Christmas gift

My poor tree may have seen it's last Christmas…This was my view this morning….

Actually this was!  

Grace was so excited to get a wrap it up addition game like Shaoey's multiplication one.

A 1POUND candy bar!  He has to share with Jacob and Jacob has to share his two 1/2 pound reese's peanut butter cups.

Charlotte LOVES doing puzzles.

Charlotte found Jacob some nail/logic puzzles.  

Grace opening her present from Shaoey----

And it is….

A monster loom...

Making for one VERY happy little girl!


What could they be?

Plasma cars to replace the ones they have plum worn the wheels off!
And the girls big present of the year?  Kinect with Dance 4 and 2015!

From this...

to this!  We're so excited we were able to completely raise our own turkey this year, from chick to plate.  Well, almost all of us were excited.  Shaoey actually didn't handle it well.  It was sort of her pet.  It followed her and hung out at the playset when they were out there.  She refused to eat any.  Poor girl...

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