Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time4Learning review

 I've been wanting to try Time4Learning for quite a while now, but I kept putting it off.  A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to try Time4Learning free in exchange for a review.  That was an offer I couldn't pass up!

I initially signed all the kids up.  After exploring it a bit and letting Shaoey do a few lessons, I realized that for Connor (10th), Jacob (8th), Shaoey (2nd/3rd), and Grace (1st) it probably wasn't the best avenue for them.  We have used a literature based style for years and it works well for us  

Eliana (age 8, adopted last year) is a different story.  Eliana came home with a couple of known special needs--hydrocephalus and scoliosis.  After meeting her, we realized there were other significant special needs.  We have spent the past year doing testing and evaluations.  We have learned that she has cerebral atrophy, corpus callosum issues, auditory processing disorder, some sensory issues, and a few other suspected issues.  With these issues, a literature based style doesn't seem to be working.  Her listening/retaining/responding skills seem low even on good days when her bridge (callosum) is working well.  We've both been frustrated and seemed to be at a standstill.  

Enter Time4Learning.  When we traveled to SFCV and adopted Eliana, she took us to the computer room, turned on the computer, went to the internet--straight to her game site, and started playing.  That should have told me something.   I have Eliana working on kindergarden level skills.  She has been doing some abc lessons and math/pattern skills.   When we work with her face to face, she has to take in our language, transfer it to where it needs to go. With callosal issues and auditory processing disorder, the message gets bounced around many times before it gets to it's destination.  By the time it gets there, it is often distorted.  She then has to process it and form a response which gets bounced around on the way out…. She often freezes up when we ask questions and try to get responses from us.  Think fight or flight, blank…  She seems to be doing really well with Time4Learning and is less frustrated and more likely to complete the task--meaning forward progress!!

I am excited to continue with Time4Learning, excited to see what progress we can make.  The lessons are short and entertaining, with good prompts to help her know what to do next (ex. the arrow lights up when she needs to press it to continue).  There is also a quiz at the end of the lesson to help us evaluate if she's understanding the information.  I also read today that people have been able to use it on tablets and Kindle Fires.  I'm anxious to try that to allow her to work while we're working and possibly take it with us to some doctor appointments, etc.  

(The opinions in this review are mine and do not from Time4Learning.)


Dee said...

My kids have been using T4L for years. So glad that it is working for your special needs daughter. My youngest 11 year old has aspergers and this has been a wonderful program for him. BTW, we have been known to use it on our Kindle Fire.

Charlene said...

Hi, Dee. Thanks for stopping back by! I am hopeful that this will allow us to move forward…we've been pretty stagnant with her the past year. I'm very glad to hear it works on kindle fire!