Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy birthday, Gracie girl!

Our Grace is 7!  That sounds so much older than 6...  She is growing into such an amazing young lady--sweet, loving, cuddly, kind, and FULL of personality!  Grace and I did a photo shoot of sorts today.  I tried, but I just couldn't narrow it down anymore (trust me this isn't all of them!).  I hope you enjoy getting to know our Grace through these pictures.  They truly show what a precious girl she is to us.

We love you, Grace FuShuang!
The girls have a birthday tradition--a gigantic balloon of their choice.  

This one just makes my heart smile!

Love the personality in this one--Miss Confident!

The best sisters in the world.  They love each other so much; they can't bear to be apart.

Crazy girls!

Life is fun!

Birthday girl got to choose a new bike today.  We loved this one with longer handles, it helps her to not have to reach so far.  It works GREAT with pokey arm!

We had a WONDERFUL birthday party with our friends.  We celebrated Caroline and Grace's birthdays together.--2 very special young ladies!

What great friends!  

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