Thursday, January 31, 2013

We interrupt this program to bring you this special news bulletin

I'm sorry.  I feel very burdened tonight to interrupt our prayers for SFCV to ask you to pray for ALL the NGO/foster care situations in China, specifically Henan province and any NGO that has children from Henan (which includes SFCV!).  The situation there continues to deteriorate.  

I posted a link earlier to a story about the LWB Healing Home in Henan.  The short version is that a Chinese woman was housing 18 children/youth.  She left to take some of the children to school.  While she was gone, a fire broke out and 7 children were killed.  The government has asked officials to make inspections of foster care homes.  It seems that even though these homes were given excellent reviews, the provincial government has ordered all the children to be returned to their original orphanage.  These are all special needs orphans.  This fire had NOTHING to do with NGOs.... totally separate.

As I posted in Wednesday's prayers, the Chinese culture (on a whole, not individually) has a different take on persons with disabilities and special needs.  

Please pray for these children that are being sent back to their orphanages.  Pray for their safety.  Pray for their hearts, this is another break in their attachment story.... each break makes it harder for future attachments.  Pray that their medical needs are met.  Pray that no more children will be ordered back to their original orphanage.  (As far as I know, SF has not had to return any children to their orphanage.)  And please pray that this is only temporary that they will soon be returned to their loving homes and reunited with their caretakers.  

Continue to pray for a hedge of protection around SFCV.  Pray for eyes to be opened, hearts to be changed and made new, and for the believers to stand firm in unity.

God bless!

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