Thursday, December 13, 2012

...For he gives to his beloved sleep. Psalm 127:2

Oh how I HATE to do this & it's not permanent, but Shaoey & Grace are SO tired of being woken up.  

It's time for Eliana to move to a separate bedroom.    

We have told her, fussed her, discussed it with her, but she just keeps waking them up.  She gives us the usual "I'm sorry" which we don't put much stock in.  This has gone on since coming home, actually even in China she was doing this.   

Poking Shaoey to ask her what time it is.  (She has a watch and there's a clock in their bedroom, AND she knows how to tell time.)
Waking Shaoey up to ask where Grace is. (Like she'd know...she was ASLEEP!!)
Waking Shaoey by announcing that Grace is not in the room.  (Like she cared, she was ASLEEP!)
Going up to Grace's bed and lifting her blanket off her to see if she's in bed.

I GET the common thread, she wants to know sisters are in the room with her.  I KNOW she was kind of like little mama in her room at SFCV.  We have talked with her time and again that she does not have to have that role in our home, I am the mama.  It is not her place to keep tabs on the girls.  She has been warned that if it continues, she will be moved to another room for a while.  

Well, that time has come and it's not a time I relish.  I WANT them in the same room.  I think siblings sharing a room is a great bonding thing, a slumber party every night; they're the ones you whisper secrets to, share giggles with, fight with--ok, not the last one, but figuring out the ins and outs of living with someone is part of it.  Maybe that's why I feel like a failure on this one, but it's taking it's toll on their becoming sisters and friends.  Shaoey and Grace are frustrated at her from the moment they get up, because she woke them.  I need to break that cycle.  

Pray with me that this can be a short time of separation that will lead to a closer sister relationship.  

I'm also open to ideas....

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