Monday, July 9, 2012

The girls' room

Wow, this room had taken a beating from housing boys for 7 years....

(ignore the mess, they were in the middle of moving...  
Oh was ALWAYS like that!  This is much neater!  LOL)

and here it is now...almost.  
Grace and Shaoey's beds

Ting Ting's bed
 I had to paint the girls' beds to work in the new room.
The black was so pretty with the other decor, but not such a good match with the brown bedding.

Ta da!  Here it is.  So much nicer in this room.
 This is what I meant by "almost" above.  I'm still working on the beds.  Shaoey thought it was SO high, kind of funny since it's only been 4 nights since she slept on in when it was black.  She swears it"s higher....

I can't wait to have all my girlies in the room!   We think we're about 8 weeks away from travel!!!


Dawn said...

SO precious!!!! LOVE it!

Smilen Champ said...

My name is Jenna, Your girls are a beautiful princess. ur boys are handsome. You r kids are all special miracle's from god, a gift's from above, and earthly angels. I love the girls bedroom. All Pink, One of my fav. colors.

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