Sunday, February 20, 2011

A special visit from our China sisters!

My great friend Dawn and her 2 girls, Bekah and Leah, flew down to visit with us this week.  (They're not really my girls' sisters, it's just become a sweet term that the girls in our group call each other.)

 Here we are at the airport waiting for them to arrive.

 Leah has taken a liking to Jacob.  

We took them to see the house in BLR today.   It appears to be lady bug season again.  There were MANY inside the house.  The girls decided to capture them.  Here they are letting them crawl all over them.

Leah took this stunning picture of Shaoey!  What a photographer!  Of course she also had a beautiful model to work with...

Our 4 Chinese girls:

Bekah and Shaoey

 Shaoey and Leah

Marveling over the popcorn maker!  The joys of childhood.

 Bekah playing frisbee with Troy.  

Dawn and Bekah

OH MY--How stunning!

Jacob enjoying being taller than Connor!

Bekah has attached herself to Connor and seems quite smitten with him.  She is beside herself with joy to be playing with the Nerf guns. 

We are having such an awesome visit.  The girls are getting along fabulously.  The boys are being awesome big brothers to ALL the girls.  And Dawn and I are having so much fun visiting in person.  Thanks to our wonderful husbands for allowing us to arrange this visit.  We are so blessed!

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Wolfe's Home said...

What fun! I wish I had had more time in China to get to know Dawn. Enjoy your time!