Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We have chicks!

The boys have been begging for chickens and my sister's roommate's sister (got that!  LOL) has ducks, chickens, and goats.  She offered us a couple.  The boys each got a cochin bantam/Japanese bantam mix (one hen and one rooster).  I'm not sure what the girls' is...

Shaoey loves on her chick and has been carrying it around nonstop!   Jacob even came to me this morning telling me that Shaoey was in her room reading to her chick.  How sweet!

The person who gave us the chicks also gave us a dozen eggs to try.  They are tiny!  We boiled them for breakfast.  They definitely had more of a flavor to them than the store bought ones.  

I called another dear friend who's children raised quail.  They had an old rabbit hutch style cage that they're letting us use.   It is in need of some fixin' up, but that's part of the fun.  The boys spent all morning taking off the old chicken wire and scrubbing it down with steel wool.  What an amazing difference (you can see the difference on the door--the top and right have been cleaned--much better!).  Troy's going to pick up some new hinges and chicken wire to finish fixing it up.  The chicks should be in their new home by the weekend!

We also had some visitors this morning.  The boys wanted to "take them out," but Shaoey wouldn't hear of it!  

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Amy Jo said...

How fun!!! Love how all of your kids get in on the "action." Thanks for posting the pics! The eggs are too cute...glad they tasted yummy!