Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BLR update

We have decided to go ahead and build the sunroom on the house in BLR. Summer (aka mosquito season) is coming and we can actually use it this year. Hard to believe that we just found it last year, removed the old mobile home, took down trees to make room for the new house, lost trees to hurricanes and took out a few more for safety's sake! We have really only gotten to use it for the past month or 2... The kids LOVE it! They love that Saturday morning is family snuggle time. We have been known to snuggle until 10 or so! That is unheard of at home. We'll move from mom and dad's bed to the sofa and back several times. Reading, cuddling, tickling, and laughing. Here's some pictures of the sunroom-in-progress and also of our view of the river this year. I've tossed in a few pics of the girls  (and a few from at home--I am just smitten and can't stop taking pictures of them!) and a few of the boys (all 3!) tubing with friends this past weekend.

I'm sorry I'm not going deeper these days, hope you don't mind all the pictures, between potty training and chasing a strongwilled 2 year old, deep isn't in the picture right now. The girls are becoming such awesome sisters and friends...

A few quick stories--

They love to comb each other's hair! They are so sweet and gentle when they do this and they take turns.

The picture of Shaoey and Baba--I captured this sweet Shaoey and Baba picture when out of nowhere, she asked him "how much do they love me?" My dear sweet husband got down and answered her. She must have liked his answer, because later that evening I overheard her telling Shuangshuang that she loved her more than the world and that Shuangshuang was her best friend.... I love these mothering moments....
Shaoey on the play phone--"BE QUIET. I'm on the phone!" No idea WHERE she got that one! ;-)


Dawn said...

LOVE The photos Charlene!!!
Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
THe camp looks like it is coming along!! ;-)

Liesl said...

Please email me at
wing5@wabash.net so that I can tell you more about our Cali and her CP. I'm happy to share with you......