Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feeling blue...

like a blue room that is! Since we decided not to go to BLR this weekend, I decided to go ahead and paint Shao's room. I had bought the paint this past week to have on hand for when I had some "free time"--yeah, right!! LOL

I chose Nantucket Fog. The first picture is with the old and the new. The left is the old, right is new. The second picture is with stuff back in place. I haven't chosen bedding yet... So the drapes may change. Need to find something to tie the pink and blue together. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking of either using their Bai Jia Bei quilts (when I get around to making them) or buying then each a cream colored silk comforter or duvet when we go to China.


Keri said...

Oh, Charlene! I think the blue is lovely! It is so calm and serene. What a beautiful place for your girlS. (Yes, I meant to put an emphasis on the S!) Can't wait to see Grace at home to check out her new room.


Table for Six said...

I LOOOOOOVVVEEE It !! come do our rooms!
Jill s